Hervé Fritz is Research Director at the CNRS, and Director of the IRL (International Research Laboratory) Rehabs. He is the director of the Hwange LTSER. His research in southern Africa began more than 25 years ago and combines simultaneous approaches at the individual and community levels, including an explicit linkage between animal behaviour and community functioning. More recently, he has focused on integrating trophic relationships and the direct and indirect effects of predation (natural and human) to develop a conceptual framework based on trophic networks including humans and their activities. Within the Hwange LTSER, Hervé Fritz actively develops and coordinates interdisciplinary research within the framework of the analysis of the functioning of socio-ecological systems, a research framework that is also the support of his activity of scientific network animation (CNRS, CIRAD, UZ & NUST) and the French-Zimbabwe multi-institutional research and training platform “Production and Conservation in Partnership”.


Simon Chamaillé-Jammes is a researcher at the CNRS, based at the Center of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CEFE, UMR 5175, Montpellier). He is the deputy director of the Hwange LTSER. For the Hwange LTSER, his work focuses on (i) the dynamics of surface water and its influence on the functioning of the ecosystem, (ii) the spatial and temporal dynamics of the elephant population, and (iii) prey response to predation risk (vigilance, space use).